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Top rated 5 Call Recorders for android

We offer you the best applications for recording calls for android (Samsung – Sony – Alcatel – LG – Huawei and Lenovo) Now you can download call recorder with many features

There are many occasions that you want to record calls for commercial or personal reasons

To record those calls all you need is to download Call Recorder on your Android and whenever you make a call, the application automatically record that call and save it on your phone

In this article, a list of the Top 5 applications you can use to record phone calls on your Android

Note: Use only one application on your phone to run correctly.


1: Call Recorder ACR


This application is the highest rated call recording applications on Google store it allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and automatically saved in the phone’s memory.

Record calls manually or automatically
Protect records with password
Delete old records automatically
Supports cloud services that enable you to save any recorded calls to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google cloud . It also allows you to choose several different formats, including 3GP, MP3, AAC, wav

2: Call Recorder

Call Recorder

This application of the best existing applications for Android phones.
The application lets you record all calls very easy, as well as manage your call records.
After the application is installed, it will start recording once you make or receive a call also you can replay those records

A big advantage is the possibility to organize the list of recordings by name or date
Note: This application may not work on android 4.0.3 or less. If your android 4.0.3 or less, please update your phone first

3: Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

This application is a large application to record calls for android and it begin automatically record calls after you installed it

You can specify in the settings if you want to ignore number from recording. You can also control the recording format and where to save recordings on the internal memory or a memory card or on the cloud services


4: All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder

This is the simplest application for call recording can be found on Google play. It records all incoming and outgoing calls on your phone. All recorded audio files are saved 3GP format and can be application linked with cloud services such as Dropbox, Google cloud , and Sky Drive .
To activate, delete or send files recorded you can long press on the record to show the list of options.


5: Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy Call Recorder

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone this is the best application you can use because it is compatible with most Samsung phones (s2 , s3, s4, s5,s6,A6, note and other devices). The application uses a microphone to record audio which means you must run the loudspeaker during a conversation for recording high-quality, and you can also save recordings on the phone memory or memory card, or cloud services


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