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How to recover deleted files from Android (non root)

Many of us  suffers from problem of  deleting files on the phone and that problem is too difficult for many of us because of not returning  once the files again on the phone, but there are some ways to restore files again on the phone with all ease and also you can restore files without having to make Root on your phone restore your files.

there are quite a lot of people around the world delete  many images files or video files or their own work files.

Now, on the phone you can play without permanently deleting it from the phone in order to have this matter causing you a lot of problems later, it may also be those files or images are very important to have stood many people constant search for special return of those files applications again, but with frequent applications, there are many applications that do not work or are restoring files back and the subject has no importance at all.

and  also you should download special  application, which is actually capable to restore the files again and thus be tempted to everyone and a lot of people around the world, and If you have this application, that is able to recover all types of files on your phone that may have been deleted from your phone intentionally or unintentionally you can simply to recover them again with ease as it has a user-friendly interface and extremely beautiful
I’ll show you two applications of the best of that applications in the display and restore all the files that has deleted  before  and one needs to Root As for the other  till  to be available for everyone, who wants to be used the way they operate with root and does not want to work with root works well with ease  and I want you all to follow me in explaining The way in which I will post out is a very easy and does not require a lot of effort and time a lot and also the applications I’ll show you links for download from your store Google workers playoffs and is free of charge and without any financial fees
As for the application is the recycle bin for android is based application to restore all the files that has deleted such as images and videos on all operating systems android also that this application does not require the work of root on the operating system to work you can you use it after installing the applications  on your phone as the application has a user-friendly interface and is able to recover all types of files on your phone with a high capacity  and extremely awesome phone is the most important features of the application that he does not need to connect the Internet




You can use it  without the need for the internet on your  phone as he is very experienced, effective and able to recover files with ease and applications in the months recover deleted files, intentionally or unintentionally before.



As for the other application I’ll offer him all information in another subject with a detailed explanation of the steps so full as not to damage anything in your phone and making  subject remains separate from this and the need for anything then leave us a comment and we will solve them with you as soon as introduction to you from site Android D T



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