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How to save Google Maps and use it offline

Android users use Google Maps to search and find any place and other advanced features require your device to be online, but you can save any location maps to use it when you are offline

You can easily save any location to navigate it when you happen to be away from a network connection.

Now let’s go

1: Open Google Maps App
2:Move the map to the lactation which you want to save
3: Touch or click the search bar at the top of the screen
4:Scroll to the bottom and click Save maps to use offline

If you want to get the location by search
1:Search for the location and click on it
2:Click X mark in search bar or Back button
3:Click touch or click the search bar
4:Scroll to the bottom and click Save maps to use offline

You can check the state of your offline maps and manage them
Just open Google Maps menu , tap (your places) you will find it the first button and scroll down to the bottom and select View all and manage in the offline maps section.
In this page you’ll see all the maps that you downloaded before and you can manage them
You can rename , update , delete them from your device


You may wants to zoom in the maps to can download it
This method may help you if you have slow Internet connection or if you don’t have connection for any reason
The saved maps automatically deleted after 30 days from your device


Screenshot_2015-04-11-16-44-56 Screenshot_2015-04-11-16-45-15Screenshot_2015-04-11-16-45-28Screenshot_2015-04-11-16-45-57


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